Terms and Condition


This is the legal agreement between you and Trikal Info, and hitting on the Terms and Conditions means you consent while constructing the account. Moreover, you have also agreed that you are okay with all the terms and conditions mentioned. However, if you don’t consent to the rules, you won’t have to register to continue using our website. Furthermore, any changes regarding the rules will be updated on our website.

1. Who Is Eligible To Pay?

One must fulfil the following requisites to play online games on this website.

  • The player must be at least 18 years of age or above, as this is the minimum age required to play gambling.
  • Ensure that the game must be played by a human, not with the help of any artificial intelligence.
  • You are legally eligible to play the games on www.trikal.info.
  • These games are not for the residents of the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Italy, Jordan, Libya, Lithuania, China, Cuba, Denmark, Mauritius, United States, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Hungary, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.
2. Licenses

We adhere to all the latest rules and regulations of the online gaming industry. At Trikal Info, we assure our players that their information will remain safe with us and will not be shared with any third-party firms.

3. How Can You Play Online Games?
a) Register

You must tap on the “Register” tab to begin the process.

After this, you are supposed to complete the Registration form, with the following details.

  • Complete name
  • Your current address
  • Valid email address
  • The country you are presently staying
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Pick a strong password and confirm it
  • Choose the currency
  • Hit the Deposit button on the website
  • Pick the appropriate payment method
  • Fill in the details required for the payment method
  • Ensure that the information is correct by tapping the deposit button
b) Age Verification

Your age must be confirmed within 72 hours once the first deposit is made on Trikal Info. For instance, if the age is not verified, in that case, your account will be blocked. Thus, you won’t be able to continue further with the gaming until the successful verification has been done. Don’t worry about your funds, we will pay you back if your age is proven to be minor.

c) Other Forms Of Verification

We, as gaming operators, consider the rules and regulations to ensure that the money you invest in betting belongs to you and is earned through the right source. For assurance, third-party searches will be conducted regarding your name and other personal details that you have provided on this website. However, if we find that any information provided by you is not reliable then according to rules and regulations your account will be terminated. Apart from this, there might be the possibility that this thing would be reported and strict actions would be taken against it.

d) Play

On this website, you will get different games. All you require is to go through the game lobby and begin playing your favourite game by picking the best one for you.

It is suggested that you play the games on the site keeping these rules in mind. However, the rules may vary according to the games, so look into it.

e) Cancellation

With our sole discretion, we don’t give consent to the cancelled bets or the stakes applied on any games except the ones that are listed in exceptional circumstances.

4. Some Of The General Rules
  • Firstly, it is necessary to register on the site and play at your own risk and not on behalf of anyone else.
  • It is important to keep your login details secure and not to share them with any other person. For instance, if you share them by mistake then you will be responsible for any loss.
  • Another important thing is that you must keep the registration details updated.
  • If you find any issues with the registration, report us instantly.
  • Moreover, you can also utilize one account on this website. If you are accessing multiple accounts, then it’s your responsibility to inform us.
  • The best thing is that you can play any game as long as you want. But, you must ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account.
  • You are eligible to send or receive the money from one account to another.
  • Also, you must ensure that the single account is used by every household. If you notice that multiple accounts are used, you must notify us instantly.
  • Additionally, with your consent only we will share your details with our associates, and businesses to continue accomplishing your business tasks and deliver the site to you.