Responsible Gaming

Trikal Info is a one-stop gaming platform that provides different sources of entertainment. Our main goal is to provide the safest platform to adults so that they can enjoy online gaming without any issues. Moreover, the offered gaming options let the users play according to their budget and get an extraordinary experience.

The best part about our gaming platform is that we work according to rules and regulations and don’t support minors in playing the games.

Our Responsible Gaming Policy completely depends upon the three fundamental principles: security of the player, security of the game, and protection against problem gambling. The best thing is we have a tie-up with well-reputed research institutions, associations, and therapy institutions to work as a responsible, secure, and trustworthy platform for gaming.

Protection Of Minors

Trikal Info doesn’t support minors placing bets and participating in online games as it is against the jurisdiction of the residence. However, to ensure that the player is a minor, we confirm their age and date of birth while registering. We take re-checking the player’s age very seriously, which is why the parents can completely rely on us. Apart from this, Trikal Info keeps the player’s information intact and assures them not to share the details with anyone else. Also, we suggest you not share sensitive information such as login ID and password.

Signs To Look Out For While Playing On Online Gaming Platforms

Playing online gaming for enjoyment and fun is brilliant, but getting addicted is not a good idea. As per the saying, addiction to anything can be problematic for the person, and they have to pay back for it. Here, we have discussed some of the signs that can define the problem of gaming.

  • The player only concentrates on gaming, and that person won’t be able to think of something else.
  • Most of the time, we observe that the betting stakes increase when the person loses frequently.
  • You may observe the signs of anxiety, irritation, and disappointment.
  • There might be the possibility that the person is indulging in a toxic relationship or doesn’t have a good equation with his friends or family.
  • In other cases, it may happen when you borrow funds for betting or gaming instead of considering it entertainment.
  • The person won’t be able to control the continuous playing of gaming.

Certain Tips For The Responsible Gaming

It is my advice to all gamers that they must play online gaming for their enjoyment rather than to escape from their problems. Apart from this, you must also be recommended to pay attention to some of these tips.

  • Whenever you place the money in betting, you must know that there will be two outcomes: either you will win or lose. So, if you lose, you must not take it on your ego and spend more money, which can cause a major loss.
  • One must ensure that they are not playing the games under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If you are not in a good state of mind or some depression, it’s advised not to play games. Making the right decision during this stage would get even more problematic.
  • Another important thing is that you must take the breaks to avoid the major disruptions. All you need to do is set a limit to playing online games and try to stay within it.
  • You must not consider gaming as your source of earning; only play it to relax your mind and have fun.
  • Also, it has been seen the more time you invest in playing, the higher the chances of losing.
  • Above all, you must only stake some money you can bear to lose, but not the money you can keep for your home expenses.
  • Set the limit before you lose much money; you will drop the game right there.

Self-Exclusion, Time-Outs And Reality Checks

Trikal Info provides its users with numerous facilities, including Self-Exclusion, Time-Out, and Reality Checks, so that they can guide the users regarding gaming. If the self-exclusion option is applied, it signifies that the player’s account is deactivated, and they can’t access the feature until the self-exclusion period ends.

Moreover, we assure you that the player won’t be able to construct a new account until the self-exclusion period continues. However, consulting with the 24-hour customer support facility can only open the account. In the self-exclusion period, if any amount is remaining in your account, the same will be refunded.

Trikal Info also imposes a time-out to their account for up to 24 hours, one week, one month, or two months. The players can impose the limit independently by consulting with the customer service number.